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Seasonal, Sustainable
Floral Design

Using locally grown and ethically foraged flora of the Pacific Northwest. Each arrangement is a tribute to the place from which it came.  Each stem plays a role in the theater of flowers, just as every detail in a play is vital to its performance. 



Flowers for home

Exemplify the exterior world in your unique interiors. 

Flowers for business

Enrich your ambiance and client experience. 

Flowers for events

To fit your vision, whether intimate soirée, ceremony, or pageant.

Flowers for the camera

Custom made for the viewfinder, from simple blooms, to dramatic centerpieces, and

large-scale sets and installations.

Flowers for yoga

Customized to complement yogic landscapes. Balance, breath, form, play—all things shared by flowers and yoga—epitomizing harmony. 



Rest a moment 
upon these petals.

Vanita floral designs encourage a mindful interlude from life’s persistent demands.


I grew up in a simple cabin, built from and nestled in the forest that cradles it. 


My inspiration for floral design originates from this wondrous place, where I learned communion with the natural world and the delicate trust in its healing power. 


My name is Stephanie, and Vanita is my artistic vision.

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