Seasonal, Sustainable
Floral Design

Vanita florals are designed in the Pacific Northwest using locally grown and wild-foraged flora. Each arrangement is created in tribute to the balance and contrast of the living world—neither too harsh nor exuberantly pretty.



Flowers for home

Bring the outside in with florals designed to add the living world's beauty to your environment. 10% discounts for subscriptions of any frequency.

Flowers for events

Sustainable florals design for your intimate soirée or grand extravaganza. We work on events of all sizes and design a floral program to fit your vision.

Flowers for business

Seasonal flowers and vintage vases to enhance your business' ambiance and customer's experience. 10% discounts for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscriptions.

Flowers for the camera

Floral styling & designs custom made for the viewfinder. From simple booms for soft focus, elegant table settings, to large-scale floral sets.

Flowers for yoga

Balance, breathe, form, play—all things yoga and flowers share. Floral programs designed to compliment yoga events, retreats, classes, and studios.



Vanita florals are lush and soulful interludes from the ever-faster stride of life.

Take pause.

Rest a moment on these petals.


Each stem plays a role in the theater of floral design, just as every detail in the composition of a celebration adds to its intoxicating triumph. 


My design process weighs every detail from the desired atmosphere— lighting, color, sound, and spirit.


With an understanding of the holistic style of the setting, I weave colors and texture into a layered landscape of moody grandeur—ode to swamp, meadow, badlands. Curated to bring you a living letter from the big outside.


I grew up in a beautiful, old piece of woods in the Pacific Northwest. The cabin of my childhood is a simple, sturdy place, in unison with its surroundings. Charming and rough. 


My vision for floral art comes from this wondrous place where I learned hard work and a tender trust in the medicine of being in the woods. 


My name is Stephanie Hansen Downes, Vanita are my florals.