A floral arrangement can offer a moment of beauty that allows your mind to become its purest self—quiet and whole. Florals by Vanita are the gift of a pure moment. 

About Vanita



The intrinsic power of flowers evokes the essential intimacy with nature reminding us we are part of a whole. Entwined.


One of my favorite gardens has a bench tucked in the back corner, the plaque at it's feet reads:

"A place of respite for those who find beauty in everything."

The garden is purposefully wild, wabi sabi—intentionally undone.  Beautiful in every season.

I am quieted by the garden's beauty when seated on this bench, as when viewing the art of Mucha, Klimt, Alma-Tadema, or the Flemish painters.

Beauty can quiet your mind and allow it to be whole. My hope is to offer you an experience that reminds you of your artful, purposeful connection to nature.